From our Heart to your Nose

Posted by Rachel Y. Hill on

I almost titled this blog "Scratch and Sniff" has come a long way!  The more I thought about it, I began to think that many people might be oblivious to what "Scratch and Sniff" really is or was. Long story short, they were stickers made for children to scratch, smell, and imagine.  I am dating myself when I reminisce about all these stickers and I might as well confess that I watched Dick Van Dyke and Perry Mason episodes in black and white too. By the way, the stickers came in bubble-gum scented, cheeseburger, pizza, roses, ice-cream flavored, and many more scents. 

Little did I know my fate was sealed in that passion I have held to ever since, to follow my nose! This was one of my first experiences with aromatherapy.  That is, besides Grandpa Vaughn's peach cobbler or my mother's pot-roast cooking all night long for Sunday dinner.  Aromatherapy stimulates parts of our brain that create chemicals that help us relax, energize, be uplifted, healthier, and even remember the past memories we've shared with family and friends.  

Those "scratch and sniff" stickers along with many other experiences have been a catalyst for Hen & Moon. Thus the title stands, "From our hearts to your nose". The care we take in making our products, in the hopes of stimulating and inspiring our customers with every sniff and whiff, is a purpose that comes solely from the heart.  We are about connections, but not just any connection. Hen & Moon is about Heart Connections.   Allow me to formally introduce myself.  I am Rachel Hill, the owner of Hen & Moon.