New Beginnings

Posted by Rachel Y Hill on

Guess what!!!???  Hen & Moon is still here and I am in awe of the love I have received through various kind hearts sharing their encouragement to keep on trucking.  A few months ago, I was ready to close my doors and hang up my dream for this chapter of my life.  "Is this really my passion?  Is this my calling?  Have I been dreaming this entire time? Did my customers get sucked up through a worm hole in outer space?"   All these questions flooded my brain and hit me like a bad hail storm (with golf-ball sized hail for real!!!).  I was blessed by so many people sending random messages sharing what my products had done for them in their life.  At first, I was conflicted because I was making my choices based on circumstances and not based on faith. Closing my herbal apothecary wasn't something I wanted to do and would likely leave me with regret, if I didn't fight through this period.  Closing is no longer an option and I am no longer conflicted. We are forging full steam ahead, on faith and not by sight!  

When I look back at where I was last year, I feel so much gratitude that I've been blessed enough to share my sentiments with you today.  March of last year I experienced a sudden wave of family and friends who left this world so quickly, due to COVID19.  There was no such thing as goodbye last year, and for some time after.  People had to find ways to be okay with his or her friends, family, spouses dying alone.  People had to find ways to be okay with not seeing those they love the most.  Thank the Lord for Facetime and Whatsapp!!!  My little grandson was the little apple in my eye that I found myself missing the most.  The lessons that COVID19 and Quarantining were deep and still ongoing.  It was so surreal for me to sit back and believe that this would become the new norm.  The experience of civil unrest and the way the world has started rising to meet the challenge and make the world a better place for all, gives me a hope that love conquers all.  

The human experience is so amazing.  I am glad I am here, but being a Unicorn seems appealing to me also.  Nevertheless, I saw so many people in the community and social media, reaching out to others and extending a helping hand, a meal, a virtual hug, etc.  You name it, I saw helping hands extended and it always warmed my heart to know that love conquers all (how many times will I say that???).  The shortages of commodities that I took for granted, seemed to always find their way to me, even though I wasn't as prepared as some of my colleagues.  I personally was the recipient of more complimentary toilet paper rolls than I care to admit, but love is love (plain and simple).  I am so grateful, because I never did without.  I even have the quarantine love handles to show for all my unskipped meals that I enjoyed, wholeheartedly (I don't plan on keeping them, so check back next blog!)  

The purpose of this blog is not to educate or advertise any of my products.  My mask has been on so long, that I have missed reaching out and connecting in the ways that I used to.  I have taken the challenge of finding new ways to connect and show my love for the community and for the world, through the purpose I have been given in my heart.  It's good to be back home!!!!


Dr. Rachel Y. Hill/CEO of Hen & Moon Apothecary