Sacred Clary Sage Stick

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Clary Sage Smudge Stick is a significant part of my daily practices.  Burning my smudge stick always creates a calming effect when smoldering. Shifts the energy in your mind, body, spirit.  The smudge stick comes from Native American practices of clearing negative energy from our spaces, and promoting a movement and shift to more space and clarity.  This is perfect for the times we are experiencing today.  Being able to control ourselves and manage our emotions, creates much freedom and this is another aid that can help support that journey.  Simply light the sage bundle, allow to smolder and walk through your home and say a prayer.  You can also smudge your car, office, yourself or pets (be careful not to burn yourself or your pets).  Simply allow the smoke to pass over your body and spaces you are wanting to shift, say a prayer, and let go and let God!!! 

*Caution if you have asthma or respiratory issues.  Make sure the sage is not still burning when smudging is complete.  Put it out like you would a cigarette (I don't smoke, but I am guessing it's the same way!) and always check to make sure that the fire has been extinguished!