Using Core Care Products with Essential Oil Blends

The Hen and Moon Products can be mixed and matched to meet therapeutic needs.  The Essential Oil Blends are companions to the Core Care products and work to provide additional therapeutic benefits that help our customers experience relaxation, symptom relief, and comfort at birth through end of life care.

The Hen and Moon Hydrating Face and Body Wash is one of our superior products that can be used to provide an overall new enjoyment to the everyday hygiene ritual.  

The Hen and Moon Conditioning Shampoo gives the hair a super, clean, no residue feeling.  The feeling of being weighted down with soapy residues is definitely not what the Dr. ordered. So get accustomed to a clean without the weighted down residue of other shampoos and give your hair the chance to be as healthy and lustrous as you deserve!

Hen and Moon Face and Body Lotion can be used after bathing to provide rich, ongoing moisture to the skin.  It provides the best ongoing moisture to skin and can be used daily and when needed to combat the elements of nature, while keeping dry skin softer and more supple.