About the C.E.O. - Dr. Rachel Hill

Rachel Y. Hill is a family and mental health nurse practitioner, who specializes in holistic and integrative medicine. Rachel is the CEO Metamorphosis Holistic & Integrative Therapies, the parent company to Hen & Moon. It is through these companies Dr. Hill offers holistic coaching and other holistic modalities to help alleviate pain, stress, and promote wellness. 

Dr. Hill has been extensively trained in herbal medicine preparation and aromatherapy.  She currently provides a special line of specially formulated massage and aromatherapy blends for hospices and dementia care units, as part of her business.  Rachel also works as a consultant for hospices providing Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu, healing touch, hypnotherapy, and other holistic modalities.  She has had over 20 years experience in holistic and integrative therapies, and 26 years in the Nursing/healthcare profession.

Rachel is a member of the AHNA (American Holistic Nurses Association), practices and is a certified Advanced Practice Holistic Nurse Practitioner, and Nursing Coach through American Holistic Nurse Credentialing Center (AHNCC). She is a published author and has written a book for Nurses on Self-Care entitled, “Nursing from the Inside-Out”.

Dr. Hill presents to the community on the topic of various holistic modalities and stress relief, and works diligently to bridge the gap in the health care community regarding the benefits of complementary therapy in the health care setting. 

Rachel stays busy in the clinical field and transfers her insights to her products that she develops.  She works as a nursing instructor at a local University, integrating holistic modalities with mental health.  She practices in a private psychiatric clinic managing individuals with mental health challenges.  Lastly, she works as a consultant in the dermatological field, managing chronic and surgical wounds and other skin conditions.  

Rachel is currently in a Doctoral Student, attaining a second Master’s as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and Substance Abuse Counselor, with plans to do extensive research in aromatherapy and plant medicine as it impacts health, end of life transition, wellness, substance abuse, and other states of physical disharmony.