Hen & Moon Products

"Nature does not hurry,
yet everything is accomplished."
Lao Tzu
Hen & Moon is a little company with a big heart to help others and change the world.  We work with nature not against it and sometimes we have to take the scenic route versus the highway.  We also believe that health and wellness is a journey, and for many this is not achieved overnight.  With that being said, all good things take time; including the making of our products.
Hen and Moon products are made with amazing oils that are infused with awesome herbal ingredients.  This infusion process can take several weeks for oil to extract the quality ingredients from the herbs that we use to create our products.   Once the infusion is complete, we begin the process of integrating our infused oils with our special aromatic formulations.  
As quick as we might want what we want (NOW), nature's products take time.  You will find it worth the wait!!! Orders generally take 1 to 2 weeks for products to ship, just to ensure the quality and integrity of the products you receive.  Larger orders may take a slight bit longer, but can be planned and executed smoothly.
Our apothecary products are hand-crafted in small-batches in order to deliver the most viable products to your door.  That is something that Hen & Moon will always pride themselves on, every single time.